BKS Iyengar was known as Guruji to his students. How beautiful that there is a culture that so honors teachers. His tireless practice and yearning to learn, coupled with the brilliant, methodical approach he cultivated in order to disseminate his knowledge, established him as one of yoga’s most pivotal figures.

My own relationship with Guruji began with his writing, but became far more palpable when I began to study regularly with his students. Though I had spent some time practicing other styles, the pedagogical mastery displayed by Iyengar instructors made those seem superficial. Here were directives that spoke to my body, that spoke to my mind, but were always linked to some unifying principle.

Here was a sense of community and a sense of commitment to students that was not at all new-age or flighty. Somehow Guruji shared that essence that is what we look to yoga for, but defies simple definition. My teachers drove me more than I was prepared for. They constantly took me to the precipice and beyond. I am truly grateful to all of them, and by extension, grateful to Guruji, the source of their inspiration.

Though Guruji is known all over the world for his own astonishing demonstrations, it is the art of teaching, and making the art of asana both accessible and meaningful to all, that are perhaps even greater contributions. We who aspire to teach in this method have a lofty task to maintain such exemplary standards. But if my teachers are any indication, the tradition is in good shape.

Dawn (single) has arrived.

The Dawn single is available for download.

You can purchase it here.

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New solo recording

Dawn is intent on arriving. The single, “Dawn” will be available digitally in mid-February.

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Pre-Order Rebecca Pronsky’s Only Daughter

The forthcoming Rebecca Pronsky album, titled “Only Daughter”, is currently available for pre-order. Orders placed before the end of the year will be sent a month prior to the official release date, which is in March. You can order the record here.

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Interview with Scott Solter

I recently wrote a piece based on interview material with the one and only Scott Solter. He’s a very intriguing character who shares many of my iconoclastic views on art, politics and life in general. The piece is available on the fantastic blog Trust Me I’m a Scientist.


New Rebecca Pronsky

The new album from songwriter Rebecca Pronsky is finished.  It is the third release featuring the support band consisting of myself on bass guitar and upright bass, Russ Meissner on drums and guitarist Richard Bennett, who also produced. We recorded it with the fantastic Scott Solter here in Brooklyn.  It’s quite good, and will be released in March of next year.

New Recording

In addition to bass parts on a number of releases that I’m pleased with, I have a new recording of my own songs in the works – my first in a while. It will most likely be available in early 2013.  

New Recordings for 2013

This has been a highly productive year for making records. I just finished five days here in Brooklyn working with the excellent Scott Solter on Rebecca Pronsky’s new album. Scott was also behind the console for the new Monocle album, which is fantastic. These and other releases are going to be available in 2013. So don’t listen to anything else until then.

New Recordings

This year I recorded with Liam Singer, Monocle, Tim-Ryan Okane and jazz singer Ken Goban, among others.   I’m excited to hear the finished product in all cases.  Additionally, the Rebecca Pronsky band is going to be recording with Scott Solter during August.


Welcome to my new  site.  I am just getting my bearings here, but soon I hope to have a full bio and select discography, plus some regular writing on playing bass, songwriting and just generally relevant material.